April 18, 2012

gesundheitz asked: hi! we are pranking our art history teacher and i'm looking for some funny/goofy puns or images. have any especially good recommendations?

Anyone feel free to reply to this! 

I took art history my junior year of high school, it was an amazing classroom experience. Our teacher Ms. Saxe was retiring that year so we decided to throw her a surprise party. I photoshopped her face on 30+ images, not only to hang around the room, but everyone brought me a t-shirt, picked out a painting our sculpture that they liked and I ironed on an image of it with her face photoshopped in. Also, for her we chose Raphael’s School of Athens with all of our faces on it and made it into a t-shirt. It was a lot of fun! 

Here’s a group picture! Kind of hard to see but everyone had a shirt on. :)

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